Have a drink on me! A great bottle can be the ideal gift

Have a drink on me! A great bottle can be the ideal gift

It looks regular that the most conservative people say that liquor is an evil vice, but if you a tiny study, you will uncover the opposite. Spirituous drinks such as whiskey, high-priced champagne, and wine have been element of humankind historical past. Each civilization has made drinks from any fruit, seed or mixture they had in their area by means of distinct approaches that have managed to carry out a variety of tastes. Back again in the day it was used by tribes as a ritual beverage, and now we still proceed that custom.That´s why supplying a bottle as a current implies sharing the gift of celebration with the people we treatment for.


A bottle of champagne


When you pay a visit to a family´s property it´s widespread to see their gin, whiskey or bourbon bottles collected jointly, it may look like a consume variety, but they can also be a signal for regard. Offering alcoholic beverages as a present amongst people has been part of a extended-life custom in between highly regarded properties. However, every time that loved ones has a reason to celebrate, they open up up their mystery provide and pop a bottle of pricey champagne, which is often associated with fantastic activities that carry pleasure to the individuals associated, like a marriage, a graduation or even a birthday. We have seen that acquiring a bottle can go over and above a sign of respect champagne can also imply a gift that wishes good fortune to that family members.In addition, we can also see that a bottle is not intended for only 1 person but a group, like a couple or a family. In spite of this, you can usually share a bottle or bourbon with an old good friend whilst you capture up.


The excellent memento


We stated ahead of that each civilization and at some point each region developed an first variety of beverage that presently is a important portion of their society, just like tequila rose is an important portion of Mexico´s culture. In Venezuela there´s a quite strange consume with a comparable powerful taste to tequila drinks called Cocuy and of program there´s Scotch, which is not basically whiskey, a bottle of whiskey can only be considered Scotch when it has put in more than a few years getting older in a cask in Scotland. Every single consume has a diverse style, that´s why you also need to have to be careful with what you bring to your friends, but it´s also the most special existing you can grant to a buddy. Let´s take pleasure in lifestyle


There´s no issue that reckless liquor usage can be damaging to a person´s wellness, but there have to be an celebration to rejoice life. Occasionally, we expended too much time attempting to make money and sustaining our house that we fail to remember to cease and smell the roses. A bottle of champagne goes beyond an high-priced gift it´s portion of a universal custom that was designed just to have a great time, a way of stating “enjoy, have a drink on me” to your liked ones.Lagavulin 16yrs

Il Comitato Processione Venerdì Santo

ringrazia la famiglia Aviani e la famiglia Centoscudi, per la disponibilità dei terreni senza i quali la Sacra Rappresentazione non sarebbe così suggestiva.
Un ringraziamento allo Studio GSG di Bagnoregio e a Mario Mecarelli per le fotografie utilizzate.
Si ringrazia inoltre chi direttamente o indirettamente contribuisce alla realizzazione dell'evento ed un grazie particolare va a tutta la comunità di Vetriolo che da anni partecipa sentitamente alla Rappresentazione del Venerdì Santo.