Flat Screen TV Set Up: TV Set Up Guide

Flat Screen TV Set Up: TV Set Up Guide

Flat screen TV set up doesn't must be difficult. You just must know how it's completed and you will note that you can carry out a flat screen TV installation along with one of the best of them.

A flat screen TV set up on the wall may be easily carried out by anyone with some fundamental expertise and the ability to follow simple directions. You shouldn't have to call an expert technician to do it. You may usually do it yourself.

Doing it yourself can save you some huge cash by eliminating the installation charges. You will be reminded of the feeling of accomplishment of putting in your TV your self every time you watch your favourite film or TV show in your new wall-mounted TV.

The overall circulate of a flat screen TV installation is to resolve on the situation, plan your cable runs and connections, measure and place the mount on the wall, connect a part of the mount to the TV, dangle your flat screen TV on the wall mount, and connect the whole lot together.

Probably the most troublesome part of a flat screen TV set up is usually the weight of the Tv installation company. Should you're mounting a bigger TV like a 42-inch TV and above, you will positively want to have a helper with you that will help you cling it on the mount. Safety needs to be your most vital concern.

Let's discuss every part of the flow.

Where Do I Mount My Flat Screen TV?

You need to take a while in deciding where to mount your flat screen TV. Remember that you will have to live with the situation of your new TV for a long time making it price the extra time you spend in planning the mounting.

If you're mounting in a living room or family room, you'll want to place the TV so that it is easily viewable by everybody in the room. You might need to mount it higher on the wall than you had been initially planning.

If in case you have a fireplace, it's very fashionable to mount the TV over the fireplace. Understand that that you must have sufficient room between the ceiling and the fireplace mantel to mount the TV without disturbing items chances are you'll place on the mantel. Also, it's essential run cables to the TV and most people like to hide them so to't see cabling on the wall above the fireplace.

Have you considered a nook wall mount? Corner mounts require a different kind of mount designed for corners and could also be more expensive. Nook mounts could solve issues the place using any one of the partitions would make viewing more difficult, would intrude with present wall-mounted items, or make it troublesome to run the wiring properly.

While you're deciding on the place to mount your new TV, it's the excellent time to plan your cabling and power runs.

Plan Your Cable Runs

Your cable runs need to be planned because you'll probably need to minimize the visibility of cables, chances are you'll need to purchase new longer cables, and you could have to account for different new devices you purchased to use along with your new flat screen TV.

You in all probability will not be inserting your audio and video units subsequent to your wall-mounted flat screen HDTV. You will most likely put them on a media shelf or console nearby. Meaning you will have to run cables from your media gadgets to your TV. You could want to consider cable administration or cable hiding products to give your cable runs that ending touch.

Cable Management

Cable administration merchandise allow you to more cleanly route cables along a wall or behind the media console or TV.

Cable Hiding Merchandise

There are several cable-hiding merchandise that help you cover the cables and conceal them from view. This can make your set up a lot cleaner and higher looking. The everyday cable runs you should make are the ability, coax (RG 6), HDMI, audio, and USB.


Wall-mounting a TV usually implies that you must invest in an extension cord. Most trendy TVs do not come with an extra-lengthy energy twine, and it's typical to wish a long cable to achieve energy out of your TV's wall location.

If you've by no means used an influence strip with a surge protector, then now could be the time to get one. You may have invested in most likely probably the most expensive items of digital tools in your home and it's worthwhile to shield it. A surge protector monitors the road and should shield your equipment from voltage surges caused by storms and other power interruptions.


The coax cable is the cable that comes into your house and runs to you cable box or TV. It is normally an RG 6 specification cable and might carry signals out of your cable TV or satellite TV provider. Mounting your TV on the wall could imply that you're transferring the TV away from where the cable comes into the room. In that case, chances are you'll must get a cable connector that means that you can extend your cable to succeed in the new TV's location.


You will have several units that each one use an HDMI cable to supply audio and video to your TV. Your cable or satellite TV present could provide you with a cable box and/or a digital video recorder (DVR). The necessary factor is that you want to understand how lengthy every cable must be to reach from the device to your TV.

You might have bought your personal DVR like a TiVo. You'll use an HDMI cable to ship video and audio to your TV. Streaming media players are all the rage and are available from Roku, Fire TV from Amazon, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV. All of them use an HDMI cable to convey video and audio to your HDTV.

Which TV Mount Do I Need?

Now that you've a plan for cabling, how are you going to mount your TV on the wall? With a flat screen TV mount, of course.

There are just a few decisions in the case of tv wall mounts and every depends on your particular person requirements. There are mounts that are fixed, mounts that may be tilted and/or swiveled, articulating mounts that will let you utterly change the viewing angle of the TV, there are mounts specifically designed for mounting a flat screen TV in a nook of a room, and there are TV ceiling mounts.

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