The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Some Kinds Of Materials

The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Some Kinds Of Materials

Completely different materials have totally different features. If we all know a few of these, will probably be helpful for us to make a super purchase.

1 Cotton cloth

It is the generic term for every kind of cotton textiles. It is often used to make fashion, informal clothes, underwear and fabrics online shirts. It's light, warm, gentle and snug. Its hygroscopicity and breathability are excellent, but it's apt to shrink and wrinkle, so it appears not so stiff and smooth. You could iron it usually if you wear the clothing made from this fabric.

2 Linen

It refers to the material constructed from some bast fibers akin to hashish, flax, ramie and jute. It's generally used to make informal clothes and work clothing. At the moment it is also used to make summer clothing. It possesses good energy and has good hygroscopicity, heat conduction and breath ability. However, it is uncomfortable to wear and it seems to be coarse and hard.

three Silk

It's the generic term for all the silk textiles that woven from the material of silk yarns. The same with cotton clothing, it has various sorts and every of them has its personal particular features. It is usually used to make variety of garments, particularly the lady's dress. It seems to be bright and lustrous. It's light, easy and ventilate. When you wear the clothing made from this fabric, you'll look elegant and you will feel very consolationable. However, although possessing so many advantages, it nonetheless has many disadvantages, for example, it's straightforward to wrinkle and fade colour and it's not so durable.

4 The wool cloth

It refers back to the textile made of different kinds of wool and cashmere. Typically talking, it's usually used to make formal and high quality clothes such as the full gown, the business suit and the overcoat. It's wrinkle free, put onable, soft and stiff. It is also flexible and can keep heat well. However, it is hard to be washed and not suitable to make summer time clothing.

5 Leather-based

It is the tannage created from animal skin and it's principally used to make winter clothing. It may be classified into types. One type is leather and the opposite is designing fur. Designing fur is light and good at keeping warm. Moreover, it seems to be noble and dignity. Nevertheless, it's so costly and hard to be stored that it wants your particular care.

6 The chemical fiber

It is the fiber made out of polymeric compound. It has two varieties, particularly artificial fiber and artificial fiber. Both are colourful, smooth, drooping, stiff and glossy, however their heat resistance, hygroscopicity and breathability are not so good. It is going to be out of form if contacting with heat and it's easy to produce static electricity. It can be used to make different sorts of garments, but the clothes made of this material usually are not high-grade

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